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Custom Woven Lanyards

Woven Lanyards are made from the same material as our Polyester Printed Lanyards. However, with woven lanyards, text and design is woven into the lanyard with thread - similar to the embroidery process used on patches. This allows for a more professional look.

Woven lanyards are known for their durability. The range of woven lanyards is remarkable. If one has a break away flat woven lanyard with O-Ring, the other consists of a non breakaway lanyard with a bulldog clip attachment. The precision, with which woven lanyards are made, makes them suitable for workplaces. These lanyards are long lasting and do not fade away with time. They are perfect from the point of view of security and are ideal for schools and companies where identification badges are required. They give a professional touch to the employees of any company and thus leave a good impact on viewers.

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